Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops

Educators are available in each county to provide presentations and trainings for community groups, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, employers, and other organizations or individuals interested in the issue of domestic violence. They also coordinate events to raise awareness-raising events throughout the community. Our ongoing workshops include:

Domestic Violence 101: Our most frequently requested training focuses on defining domestic violence and the dynamics involved, as well as how to develop a safety plan and how to offer a helpful response to someone experiencing abuse.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace Response: This training is offered to business leaders and managers, Human Resources personnel, and anyone involved with policy development. Its goal is to provide supervisors with information on how domestic violence affects the workplace (particularly employee safety), as well as to present concrete resources for responding to domestic violence situations. Safe Voices is also available to consult with any employers who wish to develop workplace policies on domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Clinical Screening: Adapted from the Physicians for Social Responsibility curriculum, this training teaches nurses, doctors, and other clinicians how to recognize the signs of domestic violence in the medical setting. There is an emphasis on screening for abuse and creating safety plans with patients.

Elder Abuse: This training is designed to focus specifically on recognizing and responding to abuse of elders, including ways to address their particular needs. All workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of individual audiences.

Please contact us at 207-795-6744 if you are interested in scheduling a presentation.