Youth Services

Prevention Education

Dating abuse is a common issue that is often overlooked among youth. However, nearly 1 in 4 high school students will experience some form of dating abuse before they graduate. Safe Voices’ educators are committed to providing prevention-based programming to youth in each county.  In addition to classroom workshops, educators take part in a variety of school activities, from tabling at football games to facilitating reading groups and conducting special awareness campaigns for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month in February.

Educators also work their staff or faculty that interact with youth, including teachers, guidance counselors, and caseworkers.  They can conduct trainings, provide materials, and make referrals as needed.

They also serve as youth advocates and are available to meet one-on-one with youth who feel unsafe in their relationships.

Available Workshops

Workshops and presentations are available on a variety of age-appropriate topics from Pre-Kindergarten to college and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual classrooms.  Workshops are designed to be interactive and engage youth through discussion, games, and activities.  Examples of some of the available topics include:

Hands Are Not For Hitting:  Making the connections between feelings and behavioral choices.

Media Literacy:  Learning how to examine media messages about gender roles and violence.

Dating Abuse:  Identifying and responding to the issue of dating violence.

In Their Shoes:  An interactive exercise designed to allow teens to explore the issue of dating violence by taking on the role of someone experiencing an abusive relationship.

For more information on these and other workshops, please contact the Director of Community education at

Voices Committed to Change

Voices Committed to Change (VCC) is a peer education program for middle and high school students. Participants attend weekly group meetings, learn about dating abuse issues, and prepare to give presentations and conduct awareness-raising activities for their peers. Groups are led by a Safe Voices educator and youth co-facilitators. All participating students take part in deciding meeting agendas and creating activities.

Advocacy Beyond the School System

In addition to school-based activities, educators facilitate workshops and groups with a variety of underserved and non-traditional youth. All of our activities can be adapted for use in group homes, youth shelters, and drop-in centers. These curricula are designed to address the special concerns of youth who may be homeless, parenting, have a mental health diagnosis, or otherwise lack traditional support systems.