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Elder Abuse

Are you being mistreated or hurt by a son, daughter, grandchild, spouse/partner, or someone in your senior living home?

Are you too afraid to tell someone?

Do you feel that no one will believe you?

That is exactly why we are here.

We have experienced staff who understands the problems some elders face when they are being mistreated by people they care about. We will listen and provide you the resources and assistance you need. We commit to keeping your story and your need for help confidential.

Examples of abuse reported to us by elders:

  • yelling and/or making threats
  • habitual blaming
  • making you feel afraid
  • locking you in a room for days
  • making you sign checks
  • stealing your belongings
  • humiliation and ridicule
  • hittig, kicking, shoving, throwing
  • leaving you alone for long periods without food and water
  • taking your money
  • forcing you to be involved in sexual acts
  • threatening to hurt your pet

Elder Abuse: Effective Detection & Response Video

There are resources and support available. Please call 1-800-559-2927 any time of the day or night.