Shelter Services

Are you feeling like you need a safe place for you and your children to get away from someone who is hurting you? Do you have a friend or loved one that is being hurt and you would like to help them find a safe place? Are you unsure what a shelter is for and what to expect once you get there?

If you decide that you would like more information to help you decide or if you're considering shelter after reading this information than you can call us at our 24 hour toll free number at 1-800-559-2927- one of our advocates will be more than happy to help.

Here's a little about our shelter to help you think about and decide if our shelter is right for you:

Shelter Living

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shelter

Can I bring my pet to shelter?

Due to people who suffer allergies we work closely with the SPCA who will hold your pet during your stay at shelter.

Is food provided at shelter?

We provide most food and hygiene products; however, there may be something that you or your children need for dietary reasons or maybe your children will only eat certain foods in which case we will work with you to purchase these items. We do carry necessary products for your baby like diapers, bottles, formula, sippy cups, etc.

Can I have visitors at shelter?

We realize the needed value of visiting with family and friends and will offer you full support to make that realized; however, keeping the location of the shelter confidential is so important for your safety (and that of others living there) that we ask everyone staying to consider other options for getting this necessary support. Exceptions are for those with needs that would need in home care.

Is there shelter for men?

Yes. Men leaving an abusive situation would be appropriate for Safe Voices services at a motel. After a screening is complete and shelter is deemed appropriate for the person, alternative accommodations will be provided.

What if I live far away from the shelter and my need for shelter is at an odd hour?

We would set you and your children up in a motel that is closest to you and on the next working day assist you to get to our shelter or another shelter.


Reasons that you may find that this shelter is not for you: