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Transitional Services Program

Safe Voices’ Transitional Services Program is a two-year program of empowerment. It is specifically geared to assist victims of domestic violence to take back their lives and rebuild a home for themselves and their children, a home that is safe and financially secure. The Transitional Services program provides a safe haven for domestic violence survivors to reorganize their lives, create a network of positive social relationships, and establish a more secure economic base.

The purpose of Transitional Services is to enhance the ability of survivors to attain economic independence and emotional autonomy.

What to Expect

Below is a list of what you can expect from the Transitional Services Program:

  • A weekly in-home visit from the Transitional Services Coordinator who will help you develop and follow through with a self-sufficiency plan
  • Assistance in accessing and maintaining safe housing
  • Assistance with obtaining basic living needs
  • Assistance with help in developing a long-term safety plan
  • Childcare and children’s recreational resources, parenting support
  • Assistance to obtain a certificate in a career field or enter college for the first time
  • Assistance to obtain your permit, license, GED, High School Diploma, or citizenship
  • Assistance to apply to foundations who offer victims of domestic violence scholarships to further their education and work skills and other organizations like FAFSA (Federal Student Financial Aid) who offer financial grants
  • Assistance with career planning, writing a resume and finding employment

Holiday Giving Programs

Families participating in Transitional Services are eligible for Safe Voices’ holiday giving programs:

  • Thanksgiving – Feed a Family – a complete Thanksgiving basket for the entire family
  • Christmas – Adopt a Family – Christmas gifts for the entire family


Those eligible to receive this service:

  • Individual who is currently receiving other Safe Voices services
  • Residents currently staying at our shelter
  • Those working with other domestic violence shelters and need to relocate

For more information about this service call 207-795-6744 or the helpline at 1-800-559-2927 and ask to speak to the Transitional Services Program Coordinator.