Working to End Domestic Violence

24-hour helpline: 1-800-559-2927

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Shelter Services

Safe Voices offers time-limited emergency shelter and support services for victims of domestic violence and their children. Services are provided in a cooperative living arrangement where shelter residents share duties and responsibilities with minimal supervision by the agency. Residents may participate in activities that are available to help maximize their capability to act on their own behalf and to have a greater sense of power over their lives.

If emergency shelter is not available or appropriate, shelter may be arranged through a motel or through a cooperative agreement with other emergency shelter programs both in and out of the State of Maine.  If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence and is in need of emergency shelter please call the 24-hour toll-free helpline number 1-800-559-2927 and a Safe Voices advocate will assist you.

Shelter Living

  • Our shelter is a safe, secure, and handicap accessible facility in a quiet neighborhood. The location is kept confidential.
  • Advocates staff the shelter day, evening, and on weekends.  They also assist with basic needs  such as food, clothing, personal care/baby items.
  • Individual advocacy/case management is available which includes personalized safety planning, emotional support, information, and education about the dynamics of domestic abuse, referrals and connections to both internal and community resources needed to maintain safety and further self-empowerment and assistance with applying for and obtaining permanent housing.
  • Each resident has their own bed in a room which they share with their children and other families as necessary.
  • The shelter is an old Victorian home arranged for communal living. The shelter has a full kitchen equipped with booster seats for children and large living and children’s play areas. The attic has been converted to a clothing boutique with donations of women’s and children’s clothing. There is a laundry room in the basement and the back yard play space is private and safe with a 10-ft wrap-around fence for security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is food provided at shelter?

We provide most food and hygiene products; however, there may be something that you or your children need for dietary reasons or maybe your children will only eat certain foods in which case we will work with you to purchase these items.

Can I have visitors at shelter?

We realize the value of visiting with family and friends and will offer you full support to make that happen; however, keeping the location of the shelter confidential is so important for your safety (and that of others living there) that we ask everyone staying to consider other options for getting this necessary support.

Is there shelter for men?

Yes. Men leaving an abusive situation may be appropriate for Safe Voices’ services at a motel. After a screening is complete and shelter is deemed appropriate for the person, alternative accommodations will be provided.

What if I live far away from the shelter and my need for shelter is at an odd hour?

We would set you and your children up in a motel that is closest to you and on the next working day assist you to get to our shelter or another shelter.

Safe Voices is the proud recipient of a 2016 Mary Kay Foundation Shelter Grant