Safe Voices is happy to offer internships that range in many experiential components, program areas and overall insight to the non-profit world. Opportunities include:

Placement is based on interest and availability in programs. If you are interested in working in the domestic violence field or feel that additional knowledge about domestic violence may enhance your existing professional goals this may be a great placement for you. Program areas that Safe Voices may benefit from, but not limited to:

Internship positions fill fast in a small organization; therefore, we encourage applying as soon as you enroll in an internship program in your school. Typically the deadline for application is a month before the semester starts in order to leave time for the interview process, scheduling and initiating formal training. Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter and (if available) course requirements and syllabi.

To get additional information or to apply please contact Kimberly Preble at 207-795-6744 ext. 14 or