Individual Advocacy


Advocates in our offices are committed to providing emotional support to those seeking safety from an abusive relationship. Each of the outreach offices can provide a location for you to have a confidential conversation with someone who can help. We are available to answer questions about court systems, police departments, and other related systems. Our advocates will take the time to talk with you about your options and help you to create a safety plan for you and your family.


We have multiple resources we can offer and will refer you to community agencies that can also be of assistance. Here are some links that may be of assistance:

Court Advocacy

For individuals trying to gain legal protection from an abuser the legal system can be confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating, especially if you're unfamiliar with it. Our legal advocates have specific knowledge about the protection order process and are ready to provide specialized information and support.

To help you navigate the legal system, we offer these services:

Support and Information

As survivors of domestic violence work their way through the judicial system, we are able to provide vital information and support along the way. When filing for a protection order, our advocates will help navigate an often confusing and daunting legal system. We can provide assistance during the initial process and will accompany you to court proceedings. Our advocates can guide you to be prepared and empowered to handle the legal proceedings you will be faced with.

We have advocates in Lewiston, Norway, Rumford and Farmington. We will work to meet the needs of all those seeking services in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford Counties.

To reach a legal advocate, call our hotline at 1.800.559.2927. You can talk with a support person about your needs and schedule an appointment with one of our legal advocates.

Protection from Abuse

A Protection from Abuse (PFA) is an official legal notice that requires the abuser to stop the violence and abuse. It can order the abuser to stay away from you and to stop having any contact with you by phone, mail, email, fax, or through third parties. Our advocates can assist in this process, should you choose to file a protection order. A Protection from Abuse is the quickest way to gain legal action against your abuser.

Legal Representation

While we are not attorneys, and do not provide legal counsel or advice, we can often refer you to appropriate legal counsel. Here's some helpful information...